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Personnel (Buckles)
President – Brian Collett
Announcer – Kelly Kenney
Judges – Jarrod Berg & Kevin Dessel
Barrelman – Shawn Thompson
Bullfighters – Tyler Croxell & Travis Petersen

 1st Go Round Awards-
(Spurs) – Timmy Vaughan 83.5
(Spurs) – CC Bucking Bulls #533 Rehab

2nd  Go Round Awards-
(Spurs) – Amos Yoder 86
(Spurs) – Double S Bucking Bulls #79 Counterfit

3rd Go Round Awards-
(Spurs) – Ryan Schumacher 86.5
(Spurs) – Double S Bull Company #69 Big Block

4th Go Round Awards-
(Spurs) - Will Crain 88
(Spurs) – Double S Bull Company #717 Top Gear

Special Award
(Plaque & Buckle) – Thank you to Howard Sears Photographer on his retirement

Final Host (Plaque) – Bridge View Center – Larry Gawronski, Executive Director

Event of the Year (Plaque) - Bagley, WI – CC Bucking Bulls

New Event of the Year (Plaques) – Pierce, NE – Double S Bucking Bulls

Indoor Event of the Year (Plaque) – Burlington, IA – Double S Bucking Bulls

Reuben Detweiler “Hard Luck” Award (Riding Vest Donated by JD Leathers – Wayne Mast

James Graber Rookie Award (Buckle, Spur Straps Donated by JD Leathers, 3 day Hunt sponsored by TNT Ranch & Rodeo) – Will Crain

High Point Ride of the Finals
 (Plaque)  -  88 pts in the 4th Round – Will Crain

Bucking Bull of the Finals (Spurs)  - #290 The Bomb – Double S Bull Company

Bucking Bull of the Year (Spurs)- #12 Old School – Double S Bull Company (3rd year)

Producer of the Year (Buckle) –White Buffalo Productions – Todd Crase & Ryan Skillett

Stock Contractor of the Year (Buckle) – Tie – CC Bucking Bulls & Double S Bull Company

2012 Finals Champion (Buckle, Trophy Rifle Donated by Bucking Barn Western Wear) –  Timmy Vaughan 333 on 4 head
2012 Year End Champions
4TH PLACE (Buckle) – John Young $9,901.75
3RD PLACE (Buckle) – Craig Sasse $9,391.75
Reserve Champion (Buckle) – Levi Stepp $11,288.50
Champion (Buckle, Saddle Donated by Millard Turtle Farm) – Will Crain – $14,756.87